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Eddie Prévost's Matchless catalogue goes digital via Otoroku

Recordings from the free jazz, noise and improv label's archive now available on MP3 and FLAC

London's Cafe Oto has announced that it’s working with AMM drummer Eddie Prévost on the digitalisation of his Matchless Recordings catalogue. Founded in the 1970s as a means of releasing the AMM records other labels were unwilling to take on, Matchless is still in business. Its artist roster includes Evan Parker, John Tilbury, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Mattin and more, as well as various Prévost collaborations – an impressive 40 year record considering the difficulties he first had getting shops to stock Matchless releases. “I remember having a discussion with one who, frankly, gave me a going over,” recalls Prévost, talking about AMM's 1968 set The Crypt. One shop owner even said to him, “Why do you want to release this stuff? No one’s ever going to buy this? This is awful.”

“We were taken aback,” continues Prévost. “Such a vehement response to the work you know. I said, ‘Well, we didn't produce it for you to sell. We produced it because it was representative of our work and we thought it was an important part of it.’’’

So far, the Matchless catalogue has released 95 titles and is still growing. The digital recordings are available via Cafe Oto's achive label Otoroku, either as part of a digital subscription or for £6 a title.