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Outernational Days calls for support

Following its second edition, the Romanian experimental music festival asks for retrospective financial help as they call for donations to fund their third edition

Online music magazine The Attic has called for support in the aftermath of Outernational Days festival this summer. Having suffered financial loss from its second edition, the project, which came “out of a cultural need [to explore] a very wide musical spectrum, to which the Romanian audience lacked access until now,” in the words of the promoters, is now unable to settle bills for artists' flights.

Their plan is to host an Outernational Days 3, and they're attempting to source the money in advance via an Indiegogo campaign. “We defined Outernational as a place positioned outside of history; as a shapeless world that has been developing at the periphery of the International sphere.” explains the crowdfunding page.

“When we drew the line after the second edition of the festival, we realised that despite its massive success, the festival was a financial failure. There is a risk that the organising company (Sounds in The Attic LTD) will face foreclosure due to the inability to pay some of the invoices. What hurts the most is that the festival risks to go bankrupt and thus will be unable to continue.

“As we did not have a cash flow that would have allowed us to purchase the plane tickets for all the artists attending the festival (54 artists and 2 journalists) early enough, we used the services of a travel agency that helped us to purchase a part of the tickets (around 80%) with a due date payment (after the festival),” they explain. “This is a call for solidarity.”

“You will receive (apart from all our gratitude, gifts and free entries at the future Outernational Nights) that unique feeling that you donated for something that’s good, that you did a good thing, that you helped a festival that can bring something new for the music, but who is currently stuck in an impasse out of which it can’t get out, that you made a difference, no matter how small, as small as you could from your small square.”

You can bid for tote bags, cassette tapes, T-shirts and full passes for Outernational Days 3, though details of this event are yet to be confirmed. At the time of writing, there is a month left on the campaign and 13% of its $5000 goal has been reached.

Outernational Days was reviewed in The Wire 403 by Claire Sawers. Subscribers can read that via Exact Editions.