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Diamanda Galás returns to digital streaming platforms and announces physical reissue campaign

The artist recently gained control of her back catalogue; in the meantime Bandcamp get first digital dibs on the archive

Diamanda Galás has announced her whole back catalogue will be available across the net from 3 May. Before then Bandcamp will be exclusively hosting digital access to her work. The announcement follows a period of negotiation between Galás and BMG, who bought part of Mute's catalogue and held the rights to her albums for several years. Now that their ownership has returned to Galás, it means people will be able to hear her music via Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and elsewhere, after it being unavailable for some time on digital streaming services.

The news also marks the beginning of a new reissue campaign, with physical versions of albums from Galás’s archive forthcoming via her own label Intravenal Sound Operations. First in line is her debut album The Litanies Of Satan, now due for reissue in autumn 2019. It'll be remastered from the original tapes and feature its original Y Records label artwork.

Listen to the title track of Galás’s 1982 debut below.