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Dub Vendor Closing On 35th Birthday

In its 35th year in business Dub Vendor in Clapham is to close its doors for the last time. During the London riots the shop next door was burnt down, and as a result Dub Vendor suffered some flood damage to its basement. The decision to close on 10 September however, is not solely down to the recent damage to the store.

Dub Vendor, like most small record shops, says it has felt the pressure of the shifting digital economies, and having a physical store no longer seems feasible. Founder John MacGillivray told the Independent: "The kids over here, it's nothing new to them. Their perception is that it's their mum and dad's music and it doesn't define them in the way it defined previous generations… The music has moved in a different direction… In Jamaica the music has moved away from where most people in the UK would find it relevant to them. Our passion is in selling music, not selling patties. We've got to get real."

Dub Vendor will continue to sell music online through, which has been under the stewardship of Lol Bell-Brown for just over a decade. Dub Vendor will be celebrating its 35th birthday on 2 September at London Music bar, with sets from the Dub Vendor All Stars (Papa Face, Oxman, Supa Selecta C, Gaffa Blue, Russ Disciple, Warrior) and Vibes FM's Roberto Allen.


I don't know if I have read it right but is dub vendors shop NOT IN CLAPHAM ANY MORE. I HOPE this is not true.

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