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33-33 announces collaboration with Laurel Halo

Eli Keszler, Rashad Becker and Ellen Arkbro are among the chosen

Laurel Halo and 33-33 have collaborated on a concert series happening in London throughout September. Called Mode, the line up includes Julia Holter, Eli Keszler and Tashi Wada Ensemble at The Round Chapel (18 September); Yosuke Fujita presents NOISEEM & Joachim Koester at Camden Arts Centre (19); and Rashad Becker, Parris, DEBONAIR, Steven Julien, DJ BONE, Laurel Halo and group A with Kat Day will perform at a secret location (21). Also at a venue yet to be revealed is GAS, Kali Malone, John Also Bennett, Ellen Arkbro and Beatrice Dillon (28). Plus Eliane Radigue has chosen Carol Robinson, Julia Eckhardt, Yannick Guedon and Bertrand Gauguet to perform new works from her OCCAM river series (24).

All events are listed on Facebook.

Update: Secret venue announced as 55-57 Great Marlborough Street, Soho London. On 21 September Group A, DJ Bone and Rashad Becker will perform on a line-up with Parris, DEBONAIR and Funkineven, and on 28 September a specially curated 10-hour ambient programme will feature GAS, Oliver Coates, Suso Saiz, Tomoko Sauvage and AmoSphere.