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Devo releasing Hardcore Devo album and film

Devo are releasing a live album and film of their recent tour, Hardcore Devo Live, where the group played early material written when they had just started out in Akron, Ohio in the mid-1970s. The recordings were made at the group’s 28 June 2014 performance at Oakland's Fox Theater in California. A portion of the proceeds from the Hardcore Devo tour went to the family of Devo's guitarist and keyboardist Bob Casale, aka Bob 2, who died earlier this year.

Bob 2’s brother Gerald Casale is quoted as saying: "I'm not noted for being optimistic but the Hardcore Devo Live horn 'o' plenty has me genuinely high hopin' as we mix and edit a truly Devolved show. One for the ages!"

Devo Hardcore Live will come out on CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc and vinyl via Pledge Music, a crowdfunding platform of sorts, where those pledging music will receive access to extra footage, tour artefacts and more.