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FM3 Mint Their Own Currency

FM3, the creators of the Buddha Machine, have minted their own currency to be bundled with their forthcoming compilation HeXieFo, and distributed randomly in the packaging of other FM3 objects.

FM3 released a coin last year, in a limited test run that was distributed solely in China. Coins are legal tender for use in the FM3 shop, including Buddha Machines, tickets to live shows, T-shirts and more. Two coins can be exchanged for one Buddha Machine, a T-shirt, or an FM3 CD.

The new coin is larger in diameter than last year's test, and has a print of Zhang Jian's profile on one side and the Buddha Machine speaker and names of the HeXieFo contributing artists on the flip side. The coins are made from hand carved moulds, and printed in a run of around 3000, with plans to mint a smaller coin in 2012.

HeXieFo is a project featuring over a dozen Chinese experimental musicians, scheduled for release in November this year (October if you're in China).