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Adventures In Sound And Music this week: Bo' Weavil special

Adventures In Sound And Music this week is dedicated to Bo' Weavil Recordings. Based in London, Bo' Weavil has been instrumental in expanding the horizons of folk, Improv, free jazz and underground music over the last decade.

The label sprang to life in the mid-2000s with crucial vinyl reissues of music by Henry Flynt, Anne Briggs and Shirley Collins, and in the years that followed released music from a wide span of contemporary players inspired by (and playing with) the forms of folk music, including Sir Richard Bishop, Born Heller, Meg Baird and Helena Espvall, and James Blackshaw. Bo' Weavil has also forged close links with the UK Improv and free jazz scenes with releases featuring the trio of Alan Wilkinson, Steve Noble and John Edwards, Simon H Fell, Paul Hession, and more, and is locked into the psychedelic underground in the US and UK and beyond through landmark releases by Harappian Night Recordings and Starving Weirdos.

For this show (16 August) Mark Morris of the label will join Derek Walmsley in the studio to play a host of music new, old and unreleased from Reines D'Angleterre, Oren Ambarchi, C Joynes & Stephanie Hladowski, Tom James Scott, unknown Yemenite music from the 1970s, new solo recordings from Alan Wilkinson and Simon H Fell, and more.

Tune in online at Resonance FM, or Londoners can tune in at 104.4FM. Adventures In Sound And Music is on 9pm–10:30pm every Thursday. All previous shows are archived online here.