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Dylan Carlson and Kevin Martin collaborate on new Concrete Desert LP

Earth and The Bug have made what's been described as a “Los Angeles-set companion piece to London Zoo”.

Earth's Dylan Carlson and Kevin Martin aka The Bug are to release their new album collaboration next month. Called Concrete Desert, it was first conceived when Carlson and Martin started recording together during the making of The Bug's Angels And Devils LP, a release that featured Miss Red, Inga Copeland, Liz Harris and Warrior Queen, to name a few other collaborators.

But two tracks, “Boa” and “Cold”, never made it to that 2014 album – they “had developed a singular life of their own, outside of the identity of that album”, explained Martin. Instead they were released as a standalone EP.

This new LP is said to be inspired by JG Ballard and Los Angeles's “sordid, fragmented underbelly”. Indeed, it is described as a “Los Angeles-set companion piece” to The Bug's third album London Zoo.

“Dylan’s a master at amplifying the flavour of America,” states Martin, “but not the side we see in this Trump climate.” He goes on to enthuses the Earth leader captures the “best side of that dream, a utopian openess”.

Concrete Desert will be released on 24 March by Ninja Tune. It also features two tracks by Martin's longtime collaborator JK Flesh. You can listen to the album track “Snakes Vs Rats” below.