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Psychopomp for Mika Tapio Vainio published

Blast First Petite’s new publication gathers text, images and live music about the late Finnish musician, including Wire contributor Jennifer Lucy Allan's Invisible Jukebox transcript

Blast First Petite have published a book and CD package in memory of the late Mika Vainio. Produced in a limited edition of 1000, the 260 page MTV 15.05.63–12.04.2017 isn’t so much a biography or monograph as a “psychopomp” for Mika Tapio Vainio, declares the label – psychopomp meaning “a guide of souls”.

The book contains a collection of photographs from the Vainio family archive, texts, photographs and other visual remembrances from his friends and collaborators, an updated discography and a selection of Pansonic ephemera from the Blast First archive. It also includes the full transcript of Jennifer Lucy Allan's Invisible Jukebox interview that appeared in The Wire 350, plus a previously unreleased CD of excerpts from Pansonic live performances on Rapa Nui.

MTV 15.05.63–12.04.2017 is out now