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Major archive campaign for Carsten Nicolai

Noton release his full digital back catalogue featuring early Alva Noto material

Carsten Nicolai's label Noton was resurrected in 2017 when the founders of the Raster-Noton imprint decided to part company. Launched in 1994 as noton.archiv für ton und nichtton, Noton have now embarked on a reissue and redesign phase, converting Nicolai’s early Noto and Alva Noto releases into digital format. Described as “sonic material, not musical”, many of these early works were originally included in art catalogues and often connected to Nicolai's installation work.

However, the Loop records won't be included in the digital archive as they were made specifically as lock groove vinyl, and the 1997 Noton collaboration between Nicolai and Mika Vainio Mikro Makro has been available in digital format for some time.

A full list can be found on the Noton website, and you can listen to a playlist of the 205 tracks on Spotify.