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Charlemagne Palestine makes cassette debut

Charlemagne Palestine is releasing his first full length cassette on 30 November on Close/Far. Musician Nathan Cook, who runs the St Louis based label and curates its annual Rhizomatic St Louis compilations, met Palestine during his concert series in Chicago earlier this year. "I asked [Palestine] if he had ever done a cassette release," says Cook. "He said only for a few compilations in the 1980s and that he really likes cassettes and listens to them at home."

Palestine's Chicago series included Schlingen-Blängen, performed on the organ of the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in the University of Chicago. For Close/Far Palestine unearthed a previously unreleased recording of Schlingen-Blängen from 1977, which he believes to be the first ever recording of this signature work. The 90 minute recording, which he has dubbed SchlingenCassettenBlängen, will be released in a cassette edition of 369 (Palestine's three favourite numbers), featuring new and archival artwork by the composer.

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