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Matthew Shipp and Barb Januszkiewicz launch Kickstarter campaign

Matthew Shipp and Barb Januszkiewicz have launched a Kickstarter campaign to complete a film about Shipp, shot by Januszkiewicz. The 45 minute long film, titled The Composer, aims to highlight the relationship between Shipp and his piano. Pledge rewards run from a phone call from Shipp and Januszkiewicz or film credits, to a private dinner and a solo concert with the artists.

Januszkiewicz says: "I'd rather have one dollar commitment from 100 people than $100 from one individual, as that helps build a community of patrons and a larger support group. This whole experience has been exhausting yet at the same time totally stimulating. And very risky. With Kickstarter if you don't make your goals you don't get a penny of the funding. But the best art comes from taking risk."

Watch the video for the project below, and read more about the project here.

[Hat tip: Tiny Mix Tapes]