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Jozef Van Wissem Collaborates With Jim Jarmusch, Contributes To The Sims, Curates Events Series

Lutenist Jozef Van Wissem has got a lot on his plate: collaborations, curation and computer games. Following releases with Smegma and United Bible Studies, his latest solo album The Joy That Never Ends is released on Important, and features input from film maker Jim Jarmusch ahead of a full length release by the duo scheduled for later this year.

Jarmusch contributes electric guitar for the track "Concerning The Beautiful Human Form After Death" on The Joy That Never Ends, (released on CD/LP, with the first 100 LPs shipping on white vinyl), and the full length collaboration with Jarmusch will be called Apokatastasis.

On a different note, Van Wissem has also contributed compositions to the latest installment of The Sims. "I was asked to come up with 12 lute (and some voice) pieces for The Sims Medieval," he says. "They flew me over to San Francisco to record there after they heard the lute compositions… I had a lot of freedom, they didn't ask me to change anything really."

On top of these collaborations, Van Wissem is also curating and playing at a series of events in Europe and the US entitled New Music For Early Instruments. Paris Batofar, 8 September (with Keiji Haino). New York Issue Project Room, 13–14 October (with Loren Connors, Gregg Kowalsky, Richard Bishop and Susan Alcorn). Aalst Network, 18 November (with Gregg Kowalsky, Stephan Mathieu, and Keenan Lawler). For more info head here.