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Norton reissue The Iguanas and Coba Seas records

Iggy Pop's early band The Iguanas and James Williamson’s Coba Seas get the reissue treatment

Rock ’n’ roll archive specialists Norton Records are set to reissue early works by two punk and glam rock institutions. The first is an Iggy Pop related compilation of old recordings with his pre-Stooges band The Iguanas, its release coinciding with the arrival of Jim Jarmusch’s Stooges documentary Gimme Danger. The Iguanas’ 1965 tracks “Again & Again”, “Mona” and “I Don’t Know Why” are compiled on a 7" single and The Iguanas LP. The latter includes 1963–64 Iguanas demo tracks and it’s available in vinyl, CD and download formats. Other Norton reissues include a 7" single by later Stooges member James Williamson’s band Coba Seas from 1966, and A Hard Night’s Day, a New York Dolls compilation of 21 1973 studio demos of their early tracks originally released in 2000.