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Felix Kubin compiles West German home tape recordings for Finders Keepers

The German electronic pop outsider picks 25 tracks for Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik compilation

Felix Kubin has put together a collection of rare and unheard West German home tape recordings from the 1980s. The compilation, titled Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik, documents the early work of musicians and artists such as Holger Hiller and Der Plan’s Pyrolator, Liaisons Dangereuses’ founder members Chrislo Haas and Beate Bartel’s CHBB duo, and some one hit wonders from a rural tape label called Pissing Cow Tapes.

Kubin discovered much of the music via the radio, which he and his brother would switch on as soon as they got home from school. In the Kubin household, he recalls, there’d be a different station playing in every room. This was a time, he adds, when people played "everything that isn’t nailed or riveted down" - baking trays, cartons, room lamps, toys, wooden flutes, whistles, cans, trays, record players, televisions, a doorbell, a telephone.

The compilation is released as a double LP and CD by the Finders Keepers offshoot label Cache Cache. A full tracklisting is available here