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C’est com…com…compliqué: Faust Returns

Elusive Krautrock outfit returns with a new studio album...

Hamburg-based Krautrock outfit Faust has returned from a creative kosmische aether, bringing with them a new studio album C’est com…com…compliqué due out April 13 on the Bureau B label. According to group member Jean-Hervé Peron's website, the album was recorded in Hamburg during 2006 by producer Tobias Levin, and joining original members Peron and Werner “Zappi” Diermaier was Amaury Cambuzat of French post-rock group Ulan Bator (who first toured with Faust in 1996 as Collectif Metz/Faust, a project which also produced an eponymous album). Click here for more information.