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The Wire talks programme for Unsound: Underground Resistance, Pete Swanson and Keith Fullerton Whitman

The Wire's Jennifer Lucy Allan will be hosting a series of talks at this year's Unsound festival in Krakow. Three Q&As will take place on 17 and 18 October, with Underground Resistance, Pete Swanson, plus a panel on the Unsound Dream Cargoes commission. The latter is an audiovisual project inspired by a JG Ballard short story of the same name, with Keith Fullerton Whitman and Roly Porter, with concept and visuals by Marcel Weber (MFO) and Lucy Benson. Pete Swanson will be taking as a starting point his experiences in a virtual-reality schizophrenic hallucination simulator, and Cornelius Harris and Mike Banks will talk about Underground Resistance, past and present. Times at the Unsound site.