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Quasi-reunion for psychedelic hiphop outfit New Kingdom

Sebash and Scotty Harding of New Kingdom guest on new 7” single by Mongrels

The new 7" single from Mongrels (UK rappers Kid Acne and Benjamin) serves as a quasi-reunion of fondly remembered US psychedelic hiphop outfit New Kingdom. “You Dig Raps? (Part One)” features guest vocals from NK’s Sebastian Laws (aka Sebash) while the flip features a remix of “Combat Divers” by producer Scott Harding (aka Scotty Hard) with whom the duo collaborated on 1993’s Cheap Thrills and 1996’s Paradise Don’t Come Cheap. Also worth noting is that the Emu SP-12 drum machine/sampler Harding used for his remix is the original machine from Calliope Studios, circa 1989, used by numerous artists including A Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubian, Jungle Brothers, Gang Starr, De La Soul and Ultramagnetic MCs.

More information can be found on Kid Acne's blog