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Sound map of the London Underground network launched

The Next Station presents recordings and reinterpretations of sounds taken from stations across the Tube

The first online sound map of the London Underground network has been launched. Put together with the help of the London Sound Survey, it presents recordings and reinterpretations of sounds taken from 55 of the network's 270 stations.

Entitled The Next Station, the project is presented as part of the Cities And Memory website, and lets you listen to sounds of stations that take in Brixton in South London to Finsbury Park in the north, Stamford Brook at the western end of the District Line to Royal Victoria in East London's Docklands Light Railway, and beyond. A team of 95 field recordists and sound artists from across the globe gathered the material, and the map presents raw sounds taken from inside, outside and around the Tube stations alongside reworkings of the same material which attempt to present a reimagined version of London's transport network.

Clicking your way down a tour of the Victoria Line, you can hear the distinctive screech and rattle of a train speeding into Finsbury Park station; running water under the platform at Victoria; the quiet whirr of a train rolling into Pimlico; and the bustling throng of a crowd, with a woman offering free hugs, below the big sign outside Brixton station. A journey on the Waterloo & City line captures a sub-bass rumble as the train passes underneath the city; the metal-on-metal sound of track repairs echoing throughout the partially closed station at Mile End; and a chatting crowd slowly filtering through the cramped old tunnels at Camden Town. The 'reimagined' versions also present chopped up collages and beefed up remixes responding to the history and geography of the Tube.

The City And Memory website is a longrunning project that attempts to present a sound map of the entire world, with a sound from each location accompanied by a reimagined version by way of a remix of the same location. It currently features more than a thousand sounds spread over 55 counties. The Next Station is freely available to explore – no travelcard required – on the City And Memory website.

The London Sound Survey contributed a portal of online listening resources back in 2012, and subscribers can read a feature by Nathan Budzinski on London Sound Survey from The Wire 341 via our online archive.