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Kepla and Nathan Jones collaborate on The Happy Jug

Entr’acte are set to release the new novel and CD work this March

A new novel and CD soundtrack The Happy Jug, featuring music by Kepla aka UK-based musician Jon Davies, and words by writer and artist Nathan Jones, is forthcoming on Entr’acte this month. The work combines verbatim text, fiction, granular synthesis and speculative philosophy in order to reflect on austerity politics and the aftermath of the 2015 general election in the UK.

“I brought the happy jug home the day I found out about a grant, which would eventually lead me to write this novel. The grant is a Paul Auster-style narrative device, in that it makes me unanswerable to material demands, and projects my life into a boundedlessness vertigo… the happy jug a concrete marker of my vulnerable but precise re-emergence into the world of matteringlessness: theory,” says the text. “At this time, Nina has migraines. She goes for an MRI scan but we hear nothing, her exhaustion apparently just an example of the general pressure of living under austerity. This austerity is due to be relieved when a left-leaning coalition gain control of government. A year later, I smash the jug. The MRI scan is transformed. Nina now has a brain tumour which has been growing for more than fifteen years. The result of the general election is also rewritten.”

Sound was produced by Kepla and features spoken word by Nathan Jones and his wife Nina.

The Happy Jug comes as limited edition of 150 copies and is available for pre-order now. Listen to an extract below.