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Thurston Moore and Byron Coley's Bull Tongue print journal

Bull Tongue Review published, with writing by Steve Albini, Alan Bishop, Mats Gustafsson, Dylan Nyoukis, Bruce Russell, Brian Turner, Naomi Yang and more

Byron Coley and Thurston Moore’s Bull Tongue column has morphed and reanimated into the Bull Tongue Review, a quarterly journal of writing, volume one of which is published this month.

The full cast of contributors looks like this: Todd Abramson, Steve Albini, Alan Bishop, Bree, Rej T. Broth, Joe Carducci, Lisa Carver, Benoit Chaput, Sharon Cheslow, Byron Coley, Karen Constance, Nigel Cross, Chris D, Irene Dogmatic, Lili Dwight, Ray Farrell, Andrea Feldman, Tom Givan Tom Greenwood, Mats Gustafsson, Angela Jaeger, Elaine Kahn, Ira Kaplan, Maria Kozic, Matt Krefting, Ted Lee, Donna Lethal, Owen Maercks, Marc Masters, Hisham Mayet, Richard Meltzer, Thurston Moore, Dylan Nyoukis, Gary Panter, Tony Rettman, Bruce Russell, Suzy Rust, Andy Schwartz, Brian Turner, Naomi Yang.

Bull Tongue began life as a column by Bryon Coley and Thurston Moore in the early noughties, published in Arthur magazine. Bull Tongue Review is edited by Coley, and distributed by Forced Exposure.


Any reason you left me out of the list of contributors?

Ignore that comment, I just got sent this link and thought it was about the current issue. Please don't publish either of these. Thanks.

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