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Merzbow and Xiu Xiu collaborate as Merzxiu

Jamie Stewart's project and Masami Akita release LP for Record Store Day

Jamie Stewart’s Xiu Xiu and Japanese noise stalwart Merzbow (aka Masami Akita) have recorded an album together as Merzxiu. The two 20-minute long tracks will be pressed to vinyl and released for Record Store Day next month (18 April).

Akita and Stewart have collaborated live before in 2010 at a show in New York's Le Poisson Rouge, but this recording was made remotely, passing files between Merzbow in Japan and Xiu Xiu in Los Angeles, with an intermediary translating emails. Stewart describes the pieces as "death drone/extinction meditations... very slow, sonically violent and loud". Listen below.


!!! YEAH! LOVE you both


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