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Clone to issue previously unreleased James Stinson material

Following on from Warp's The Other People Place reissue, Clone Aqualung will release Jack People’s Laptop Cafe

Clone's Aqualung Series will release some previously lost works by Drexciya’s late founder member James Marcel Stinson. Made under the name Jack Peoples and called Laptop Cafe, it apparently follows his two The Other People Place releases from early 2000. Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café receiving a lot of attention earlier this year in the run-up to its reissue via Warp records.

The story goes that this music originally didn’t see “the light of day due to James Stinson's untimely death”. It has finally “resurfaced on a long lost DAT tape”. Snippets can be heard below, or also download for free.

The EP will ship on 26 June but it's available for preorder now via Clone. This year Clone celebrates its 25th anniversary. To mark that occasion Meg Woof spoke to Serge from the label. You can read her interview piece here.