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Subscribing to The Wire is quicker and cheaper than buying it from a shop. And you'll also get special Subscriber only deals and free CDs sent alongside. These CDs are not available with copies of the magazine sold in shops. The latest Subscriber only CD is a special mix CD from Italy's Phonorama and is given away to all subscribers new or old this month.

Phonorama is a live electronics ensemble featuring some of Italy's most advanced improvising musicians, including members of Sinistri, 3/4HadBeenEliminated, Invernomuto and OLYVETTY. Produced by the Bologna based Xing organisation (find them online at, the Phonorama CD contains an exclusive mixdown by Valerio Tricoli and Riccardo Benassi of material recorded by the ensemble at two performances at the Raum venue in Bologna in 2006–7.

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