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Mica Levi collaborates with her sister Francesca on a new soundtrack project

The project, which also features Wrangler, is about making music for “the greatest films never made”

Mica and Francesca Levi and Wrangler (Stephen Mallinder, Benge and Phil Winter) are working on a new soundtrack project. Called The Unfilmables, it’s about making music for the greatest films never made. It will commission musicians and sound artists to create a soundtrack for a film that doesn’t exist. Wrangler will work on a fictional sci-fi flick The Tourist, while Micachu & The Shapes leader Levi and her video artist sister will be working on The Colour Of Chips, a film purportedly based on Sergei Parajanov’s The Colour Of Pomegranates, reinterpreted as a lost British classic set in the north of England. “We felt that British life being depicted in such a way has not yet existed. I was thinking of utilising the everyday rituals of modern urban life in the UK and using the tableaux technique deployed by Parajanov. I am always interested in the extraordinary in the ordinary,” says Francesca.

The resulting music and video will be performed in Manchester and Brighton in May, and London in June.