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Nik Colk Void collecting videos of playable sleeve for RSD

Nik Colk Void, of Factory Floor (and Carter Tutti Void) has released a 7" single with a sleeve that's a playable replica of the record. The "Gold E" sleeve is hand made by Void, cast in polyurethane plastic which will deteriorate over time.

"Polyurethane plastic starts life as a result of a chemical reaction of two liquids," says Colk, "so it will naturally start to decay. I'm talking years, but any slight change will make a huge difference to the width, depth of the grooves, and air pockets will increase in size, drastically changing the sound."

Colk is now collecting videos on her Facebook page of the record sleeve being played, which will be edited together and screened in London's Rough Trade East on 21 April. The single has been released in an edition of 300 on O Genesis records, and will not be reprinted, partly because polyurethane is "not nice to work with", according to Colk. "I thought of doing an alternative sleeve but it defeats the message," she says. Watch a video of the record sleeve being played below.