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William Basinski hosting events series in Hackney with Michael Gira and others

William Basinski is aiming to recreate his influential Williamsburg studio and performance space, Arcadia, in March next year at St John's in Hackney. Basinski's series will take place across one week, and will include performances and exhibitions, including a number of appearances by Basinski.

Two concerts in the series are announced so far: Michael Gira performing solo on 12 March, then Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham closing out the week on 20 March. Basinski will perform at each event, and daytime workshops and talks are planned, alongside an exhibition which will be installed for the duration.

Basinski set up his Arcadia club behind a nondescript steel door in Williamsburg in the late 80s. The space hosted readings, performances and exhibitions, with a focus on experimentation and emerging artists. Basinski once described it as looking like "a Baroque Venetian palazzo". It was open until until the late 90s and hosted Antony and Diamanda Galas, among many others.

The series runs 12–20 March 2014. More announcements to come. Ticket links to come here.

(UPDATE 21 November: More details are in the pipeline already (including a possible extension to the series). Shows with Michael Gira, Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham will happen. There will also be an open call for artists to play support slots.)