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Lula Côrtes RIP

Brazilian artist Lula Côrtes died on Saturday age 61 in Recife, Brazil, after a long battle with throat cancer.

Côrtes, whose full name was Luis Augusto Martins Côrtes, was best known for his album Paêbirú, released in 1975 and reissued in 2005. Paêbirú is a concept album about the four elements recorded with Zé Ramalho, and is now the stuff of crate digger’s dreams - a few hundred copies were printed, but most perished in what legend says was either a warehouse fire or river flood.

Côrtes also recorded Satwa (Brazil’s first private press LP) in 1973, formed art collective Abracadabra, and the short lived record label Solar, on which he released Paêbirú and an album by the collective Flaviola. Rosa De Sangue was released in 1980 as a bookend to the decade, around the time that his label, collective, and marriage were disintegrating. He said of Rosa de Sangue: “I want to close all of this with a golden key.” Côrtes then released O Gosto Novo Da Vida in 1981.

In 2008 he said to Now Again Records: “I think that the primordial objective of every artist is to make it so that his work speaks for itself, so that the person that exists within him transpires to come out so that we know him.”

More info on Côrtes is available at Time Lag Records and Now Again Records.