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Evol's Alku releases 20 Russell Haswell locked grooves, plus Mark Fell collaboration

Evol, aka Roc Jiménez de Cisneros's next release on his own Alku label is a purple vinyl containing 20 locked grooves by Russell Haswell, plus two new Evol tracks described as "blasting impossible rave music". It is titled Right Nightmare, and is being released at the same time as a collaborative project between Mark Fell and Sheffield University nanoscientist Jonathan Howse. The piece, commissioned by the University of Sheffield and titled Scale Structure Synthesis, uses a high power optical microscope to track the movement of nanoparticles, which is then translated into sound. It's pressed to blue vinyl with an essay by Howse and will also be installed as part of Sheffield's Festival Of The Mind, which runs 20–30 September. Both records ship on 9 September.

Alku is also releasing its first book, by possibly the only man to declare war on Århus University and modern computer music, Faroe Islands composer Goodiepal. The 192 page El Camino Del Hardcore contains the eccentric performer/composer/trans-global cyclist's graphic notation, illustration, theory and scores, plus a conversation with Evol founder Roc Jiménez de Cisneros.

More details on the Alku new releases here.