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RVNG Intl documentary on Ariel Kalma

Film maker Matthew McGuigan has shot a 23 minute documentary about the musician and spoken word artist, Ariel Kalma

RVNG Intl have released a 23 minute documentary on the spiritually inclined synthesizer musician, spoken word artist and free jazz keyboardist Ariel Kalma, whose 1970s recordings the label recently released. The film was shot by Matthew McGuigan in New South Wales, Australia, where Kalma lives.

Now in his 70s, Kalma learned circular breathing and sacred music traditions in India, and also worked as a technician at INA-GRM. Kalma uses two ReVox reel to reel tape players hooked together to form a primitive delay unit, which he describes in the film below. The record, An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972–1979) was released on RVNG Intl in November.



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