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Mumdance collaborates on MUM M8 modular synth filter

London producer collaborates with Matthew Allum on a new Eurorack filter with “intentionally aggressive self oscillating resonance”

Boutique electronics company ALM/Busy Circuits have collaborated with London grime/dubstep head Mumdance on a new Eurorack low pass filter for use in modular synthesizers. Based on the filter design found in the Akai S950, the 12-bit sampler famed for its use in early jungle and hardcore, it has been christened the MUM M8.

“The low pass filter gives the recognisable super-smooth vacuum-like tone sucking sound which works magic on complex sources,” explains Matthew Allum of Busy Circuits. “The addition of clipped overdrive and intentionally aggressive self oscillating resonance complement the smooth filter core by juxtaposing it into more wasp like territory with acidic squeals and a more gritty sound.” In other words, it has some of the same character of the S950, whose brutal filtering of Amen breaks can be heard across many drum ’n’ bass classics.

The motivation for the module came from discussing filters in classic samplers with Mumdance, aka Jack Adams. “Jack provided inspiration, help and feedback in the development of the filter,” says Allum. “Big up Mumdance.”

It’s on sale now for £179 via Rubadub in Glasgow, Control in NYC, and Perfect Circuit in LA.