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Pom Pom share two tracks from their Ostgut Ton debut

The secret black label techno outfit have given us an exclusive preview of their forthcoming release

Pom Pom are to release their first record on someone else's label. For 15 plus years, Pom Pom have been steadily releasing techno 12"s and CDs in a staple black sleeve carrying zero information. As Nick Richardson reported in The Wire 303, he first came across the outfit when a package of mysterious records (return address Faroe Islands) arrived at The Wire HQ back in 2009. Pom Pom's distributors Kompakt did sort an email exchange out, but it yielded little information. “Their responses,” said Nick, "were uninformative, not even substantive enough to be cryptic.

“Are you really from the Faroe Islands?” he continued. “‘Yes.’ Is there much of a Techno scene there? ‘Not really...’"

Now they are set to release a five track EP Untitled on Ostgut Ton, and they are similarly uncommunicative . “How many of you are there in Pom Pom?”, we asked. “We are all Pom Pom,” they replied. What they did reveal is that they also release music under other pseudonyms, and that this Ostgut release “just happened...”. As for the Faroe Island return address all those years ago: “It’s a beautiful island,” they explain, quickly followed with: “Thank you for the interview.”

Make of that what you will, but they have given us an exclusive listen to two tracks from the EP.

Untitled will be released by Ostgut Ton in 12" and digital formats on 13 April.