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Form 696

A Petition to scrap the London Met's controversial Form 696...

A Petition to scrap the London Met's controversial Form 696 online at the website of the Prime Minister's Office has attracted over 10'000 signatures. Form 696 requires all club promoters and licensees within London's 21 boroughs to report to police 14 days in advance of their planned event with the names, addresses, aliases and telephone numbers of performers, and along with this applicants are asked to note the "music style to be played/performed (eg Bashment, R'n'B, Garage)". According to the petition creators, the form also requires "most worryingly, the likely ethnicity of their audience" and that "failure to comply could result in fines or imprisonment." at this time the form available from the Met website now simply asks "Who is the target audience? (Include here if Birthday Party)". The petition continues: "The 696 Form can only serve to deter the staging of live musical events - a positive form of activity in London and all cities - stifle free expression and quite possible penalise certain genres of music and ethnic audiences. It is an intrusion too far."