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First Aural Diversity concert happening in Bath

On 6 July musicians will perform via various listening media

The first in a series of concerts by the Aural Diversity project will take place in July. Supported by GNResound Ltd, Aural Diversity was conceived by Andrew Hugill in 2018. It takes its name from a term coined by John Levack Drever, who adapted it from the word neurodiversity. Drever himself no longer has what he describes as “auraltypical hearing” due to tinnitus in his right ear. The project seeks to explore different ways of listening for diverse hearing profiles.

All music at the event is described in a written programme, and sound will be delivered through various media ranging from hearing aids and cochlear implants to vibrating surfaces, video evocations and signing.

The first event will happen on 6 July at The Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill, featuring performances by Anya Ustaszewski, Ruth Mallalieu, Simon Allen, Andrew Hugill, John Drever and Matthew Spring.

The project invites others to present Aural Diversity concerts in line with the rules detailed on their website.