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Music film festival starts in Berlin tonight

The festival will feature the Laibach in Pyongyang documentary Liberation Day and new hip hop anthology Tales

This November will see the first Soundwatch Berlin music themed documentary festival. Taking place from 8–25 November at Silent Green Kulturquartier and Lichtblick Cinema, the event will feature a host of films and TV series about underground music and music scenes.

First up is the documentary Liberation Day which follows Laibach as they become the first rock band to perform in Pyongyang, North Korea in 2015. Also on the programme is the first season of mockumentary sitcom about UKG pirate radio station Kurupt FM, People Just Do Nothing; and Nicole Wegner's film on US DIY Parallel Planes featuring Ian MacKaye (Fugazi), Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata), Alap Momin (Dälek) and others. Also screening will be Sex & Broadcasting about New Jersey station WFMU (which will also be followed by a panel on freeform, independent radio); Latvian documentary Era of Dance covering the Riga rave scene during the late Soviet era; Queercore: How to Punk A Revolution; and hip hop record producer Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo's scripted rap lyric anthology series Tales.

A full list of what's on can be found on the festival website.