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Jim Buchanan, AGF, Craig Armstrong And More At Glasgow Music 2011/2012 Season

Glasgow Music's 2011/2012 season launches in September with two nights of new music and art installations. Land artist Jim Buchanan will show his new work Labyrinth Of Light, a maze of water and light at the Old Fruitmarket, and the Sound Of The Labyrinth show features interpretations of the work with performances by Craig Armstrong, Alex Smoke, Icebreaker and AGF.

Space exploration is the theme at City Halls and is part of Glasgow Music's Family Fun Music Day. Man High, a piece of music accompanying film footage of Joseph Kittinger's pre–space age balloon jump to test astronaut equipment is included in the line up with performances by Music At The Brewhouse, Icebreaker and works by Brian Eno. Throughout the events there are various interactive activities and workshops including a scary room, how to be a radio presenter, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Present: A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Orchestra and more. Full listings here. Glasgow various venues, 23–24 September.