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Masaki Batoh taking Brain Pulse Music on tour

Masaki Batoh, acupuncturist and Ghost frontman is taking his Brain Pulse Music project on tour around the US and Canada.

Batoh developed Brain Pulse Music in reaction to the Japan earthquake. The project began as an attempt to translate brainwaves into sound, but following the Japan earthquake, Batoh began to see more patients complaining of stress and anxiety at his acupuncture clinic, and the album morphed from a purely electronic work to one which became an attempt to reconcile spirit and body via rhythms, melodies, and instrumentation used in traditional religious practices and festivals.

Batoh developed a machine that sonified brain waves and made the user conscious of negative increases in brain activity.

Dates run across the US and Canada, from 26 April and 14 May. Full listings here. Watch a Brain Pulse Music instructional video below: