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The Delaware Road will explore folklore and magic in a nuclear bunker this July

Musicians will perform the audio visual thriller in their own separate section for the duration of the event taking place at Kelvedon Hatch in Essex

Buried Treasure will present a live performance of The Delaware Road this July. Described by Buried Treasure as “an occult conspiracy thriller and an audio-visual treat for fans of archived electronica, far out jazz and haunted folk grooves chronicling the musician's obsession with sound, sex & magic”, the album compilationThe Delaware Road will be subject of the event that will take place this year at Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker in Essex.

The line up features Dolly Dolly, Teleplasmiste, DJ Food, Concretism, Howlround, Ian Helliwell, Loose Capacitor, Radionics Radio, The Twelve Hour Foundation, Simon James, and Glitch, Sanders & Hill. Each performer will play continuously in their own section of the bunker for the duration of the night.

The Delaware Road will take place 28 July, at 6.30 pm. Tickets are available now, and can include a shuttle bus journey from Brentwood train station.