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Silent Front and Bruxa Maria seriously injured in van accident

A fundraising campaign has been set up to help the two groups recover

Bruxa Maria’s Matt Cargill, also of Sly And The Family Drone, is currently in hospital following an accident that left him and fellow members of Bruxa Maria and Silent Front with serious injuries. The two groups were in France heading for a gig in Paris when the accident happened on 20 January. Both are now facing considerable costs to cover their medical bills and replace equipment. A JustGiving campaign has been set up to raise funds on their behalf – a benefit concert at New River Studios in London has already contributed £873. At the time of writing Matt Cargill was still in hospital with a collapsed lung and fractured humerus. Other members are variously suffering from a fractured rib and vertebrae, a broken arm, bruises, sores and scrapes.