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Volcanic Tongue closes physical shop

Wire contributor David Keenan and musician Heather Leigh have announced that their Glasgow based Volcanic Tongue record shop and mailorder is closing its physical space immediately. In a message through their email bulletin and on Facebook, VT explain: “A lot has gone into this decision and it makes sense to us that after ten years running the shop we’d want to make a significant change and the time is now. In the past two years we sadly lost two major figures that were an integral part of the day-to-day running of Volcanic Tongue: David’s father, Tom Keenan (who built both of our shops entirely by hand) and Volcanic Tongue’s most longterm customer, friend and employee, Shaun Falconer. After their deaths running the physical space didn’t make sense any longer, it’s simply not the same without them.”

Both Keenan and Leigh Murray are also increasingly active with creative work outside Volcanic Tongue, which, they say, makes it impossible to maintain a physical shop and mailorder. Not having the shop will mean a significant reduction in overhead, VT say, enabling them to carry more stock from the smaller labels who they feel have lost out from the demands of running the space. VT say that their mailorder will run as usual, though there might be some delays during the transition period. They also ask that all customers who have reserves with them get it touch to clear them.

Volcanic Tongue have started some photo galleries of the shop online here and here. They’ll be adding more pictures soon and say that anyone who has pictures of the shop can email them to share.