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Christopher DeLaurenti Missouri protests sound project

Field recordist and improviser Christopher DeLaurenti's new project works with sound and video from the Ferguson, Missouri protest in August 2014

Field recordist Christopher DeLaurenti has composed a new audio collage based on footage of protest. Described by the artist as a sonic meditation, the piece uses social media feeds taken from the Missouri protests of 2014 following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson. Titled Fit The Description: Ferguson 9–13, August 2014, it incorporates sounds from video feeds, Tweets, Instagrams and Vines from the day of Brown’s death on 9 August and the subsequent nights that followed.

DeLaurenti wrote an online column for The Wire in April 2014 on sonic protests and the process of field recording social change. Talking about Fit The Description, he explains: “While many radio and television reports packaged the subsequent events in Ferguson with a near-pornographic fixation on looting and property damage, sceptical viewers and listeners had to go online and piece together a mosaic of video feeds and social media reports to get a sense of what people there were thinking, feeling, saying, and doing.”

Fit The Description was commissioned by the Creative Audio Unit of Australia’s Radio National for the audio arts show Soundproof. You can hear it on DeLaurenti's Soundcloud.