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Bassist and composer Jair-Rohm Parker Wells presents “Blac Buc”

New synth-based work draws on Booker T Washington and WEB Du Bois

Bassist/composer Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, in residency at EMS in Stockholm, Sweden, has composed a 50 minute multimedia/multi-disciplinary work titled “Blac Buc” – a title which references the Reconstruction-era racial slur “Black Buck” and the name of the synthesizer – the Buchla 200e modular system – that Parker-Wells used to realise the work.

According to its author, the piece “promotes and inspires the consideration that Booker T Washington's ‘Atlanta Compromise’ rather than WEB Du Bois’s ‘Niagara Movement’ held the best solution for post- Reconstruction America and the advancement of its black people”.

“Blac Buc” was produced using the free, open source software GNU and will be presented live as a fixed media performance incorporating the voices of Ayn Rand, WEB Du Bois and Booker T Washington plus projections, dance and live bass. The music will be made available on CD and digital formats.

Watch the trailer: