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Aura Satz on Hedy Lamarr at Hayward Gallery Project Space

In 1941 Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood actress and a talented mathematician, invented and patented the process of 'frequency hopping' with composer George Antheil. This Thursday a film and sound installation based on Lamarr's invention by Aura Satz opens at the London Hayward Gallery project space, titled Impulsive Synchronisation.

Frequency hopping is a system of synchronising frequency changes in transmitters and receivers, meaning that torpedoes could avoid enemy detection in the second world war. Now, the same principles are used in wireless and wi-fi connections and communications.

Impulsive Synchronisation, which looks at the notating and visualisation of the technologies plus its encryption and deciphering, runs until 26 May. On 24 March at 3:30pm Aura Satz is in conversation with Hayward Gallery chief curator Stephanie Rosenthal. More details here.