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Kathleen Hanna documentary crowdfunding post-production

A documentary about Le Tigre/Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hanna, titled The Punk Singer, has launched a project on Kickstarter to get the film finished in the second crowdfunding appeal we've featured this week.

The documentary, directed by Sini Anderson, has completed filming with almost no funding, helped by of a raft of voluntary contributors and with any money going into equipment. The Kickstarter project aims to fund the editing process, working through interviews with Kim Gordon, Patti Smith, Thurston Moore, Joan Jett, and more.

The team putting the film together have landed a 16 week time spot at post production studios, but cannot get into the studio without raising more money. The goal is to reach $44,000 in one month's time, with any extra money put into covering debts and colour correction. As usual with Kickstarter, there's a series of rewards based on how much you pledge. Stump up $10,000 and Kathleen Hanna will decorate a room in your house. At time of writing over $15,000 had been pledged.