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Major sound art exhibition in Lima

Lima Contemporary Art Museum hosts largest sound art exhibition in Latin America

A major sound art exhibition is currently underway at Lima Contemporary Art Museum. Claiming to be the largest of its kind in Latin America, the exhibition focuses on Peruvian artists. “This exhibition seeks to offer an overview of sound art in Peru. For the first time ever, more than 40 works are given a space to bear testament to the ever-evolving relationship between sound culture and the visual arts in our country,” states the gallery. “Although the expression ‘sound art’ is used to talk about a limitless number of sound related practices tied to experimental music, in this exhibition we use the term to refer to an art in which sound is the principal vehicle for the production of meaning.”

Artists whose works are on display include Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Manogo Mujica, Francisco Mariotti, Abel Castro, Gabriel Castillo, Jaime Oliver, José Carlos Martinat, José Luis Martinat, José Ignacio López, Karla Ramírez, Luis Alvarado, Luisa Fernanda Lindo, Macarena Rojas, Manuel Larrea, Martín Jiménez, María Gracia Ego Aguirre, Mario Montalbetti, Maya Watanabe, Nicolás Lamas, Omar Aramayo, Omar Lavalle, Pablo Hare, Paola Torres, and many more.

Hacer La Audición (Hear Here): Encounters Between Art And Sound In Peru runs until 9 April. Watch a short film of the exhibition below.