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New Chinese experimental music compilation put together by Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo

There Is No Music From China is set for release on Noel Meek's End Of The Alphabet label

Wire contributors Yan Jun and Noel Meek have come together to present a new compilation surveying the current state of Chinese experimental music. Compiled by Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo, There Is No Music From China collects 14 tracks from artists across the country, and is set for release on Meek's End Of The Alphabet label.

Meek writes: "It's a scene that is harried by the Chinese government and struggles in the margins to a degree that's hard to comprehend from the outside – shows cancelled, artists followed by secret police, venues forcibly closed, the fabulously diverse Sino-experimental community know how to keep moving, to improvise, to make do." Artists on the compilation include veteran noise project Torturing Nurse, alongside solo guitar from Mai Mai and minimal improvisation from Jun-Y Ciao, and spans everything from hardcore underground projects to the lofty sound art circles of Beijing and Shanghai. "Somewhere between these two extremes lie the artists on this tape and the tension between makes this music something totally else." The compilation is set for imminent release on End Of The Alphabet.