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Random Acoustics jazz label relaunches

The Random Acoustics label, which released work by John Butcher, Philipp Waschmann and others in the 90s, has relaunched this month with the release of a catalogue and DVD. The 116 page catalogue and five hour DVD documents 27 nights of music, readings and film screenings produced by George Graewe for RUHR.2010, and is titled grubenklang.reloaded 2010.

Graewe says he has plans to release solo piano, duets with Isabelle Duthoit from 2010, recent and recordings of a large ensemble at a three day portrait of his music in Vienna. "These will come out on CD," he says, "but I am also planning on a video production of my last opera Barbara Strozzi Or The Avant Garde Of Love for DVD release... RA will also have a 'debut' line for new and upcoming artists as well, and we are working on making the back catalogue available for download. So, lots of plans - most of which I hope to realise next year. Why now? I've hardly put out anything over the last 10 years, because I didn't really want to. Somehow It just feels right now..."

The catalogue has been produced in a limited run of 1000 copies, and includes words and pictures by Brian Morton, Steve Beresford, Anja Utler, Tom Thelen and others. Footage included is shot by Christoph Hübner. For more information, head to the new Random Acoustics site here.