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Earth's Dylan Carlson crowdfunding solo project

Dylan Carlson, lead singer of Earth, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first major solo project outside of the group. The project is titled Coleman Grey Presents: Falling With A Thousand Stars And Other Wonders From The House of Albion, and will be produced in various formats, including a book with pop up illustrations (by Kiyo Lappalainen), plus DVD formats, book and CD bundles, and a limited LP, the latter in an edition of 150 with ex libris by Simon Fowler.

Coleman Grey Presents..." will use field recordings from megalithic sites and locations of fairy encounters in the UK, exploring folkloric magical practices. Field recordings will be layered with Carlson's take on traditional Scotch-English ballads from the 15th–18th centuries, and will include guest vocalists (with names to be announced), and all journeys taken as part of the project will be filmed by Clyde Petersen.

The field recording portion of the project is slated for completion around April–May this year, with the remaining recording and mastering taking place in summer and into autumn, ready for a May 2013 release. Carlson says that the campaign is not being put through a label due to the nature of the project, which is described as "a labor of love/obsession". Carlson is looking for $30,000 of funding by 12 February (at time of writing, almost $5000 had been pledged). Rewards for supporting the project run from a thanks on the website for a $10 donation, to three limited edition bundles, your name in the liner notes, two tickets to an Earth show, two tickets to a Dylan Carlson show and a personalised hoodie for a $1000 donation. Full details here.


"Lead singer of Earth" - ha!

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