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Algorave festival

A series of live-coding dance parties takes place across the UK and Germany in November

Algoraves - the combination of "algorithms" and "raves" - are electronic dance parties where the music and visuals are created by live coders, in realtime. On 18 November in Sheffield, an international group of algorave producers will join forces with musicians such as Graham Dunning and Ardisson for AlgoMech (the Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement) for a night of robotics and mechanical techno. Also on the bill will be artists from UIQ, PC Music, Computer Club, Rephlex and NTS radio.

Sheffield is a centre of the algorave scene, and home to Alex McLean, algorave producer and developer of the live coding language Tidal Cycles. Subscribers can read an interview with him about the movement in The Wire 385.

The Sheffield date will form part of a four-day tour with dates in London, Manchester and Karlsruhe. All feature Renick Bell from Tokyo (UIQ / Halcyon Veil) and Kindohm from Minnesota (Conditional). On 17th November in London, they’ll be joining other leading algorave artists from the UK along with generatively-minded friends for a night at the Amersham Arms, New Cross. This showcase, promoted by Conditional, will feature live coding, modular synths, algorithmic DJ sets, and sets from Renick Bell, Kindohm, Joanne and en creux.